What Directors of Service Personnel Have Said

“Mr Henry your message was outstanding. Our bus drivers were engaged, laughed a lot, and walked away with valuable information on how to manage their busses. Thank you.”
Dave Lutz, Director of Transportation, Cocalico School District, Denver, PA

“Your message was inspiring.. It was just what the doctor ordered. None of my supervisors or myself can ever remember hearing a presenter who had a standing ovation from 500 bus drivers. Seldom do we have drivers come up and thank us for a worthy meeting, but this time it was overwhelming. As a group they loved the presentation and the presenter. At the end of your presentation, I talked to a driver who is mostly a negative person. When I asked her what she thought, she said, ‘It’s the best in-service meeting I’ve attended in my 28 years of driving.’ “
Barbara Goodman, Associate Director, Chesterfield County Public Schools, Richmond, VA

“Thank you again for your outstanding presentation to our bus drivers and aids. Our people are always enthused when they see you coming. They know that they will walk out with something practical that they can use. On behalf of all our drivers, thank you. And on behalf of all the students of the upper New York area, thank you.”
Tom Weeks, CEO of Ridge Road Express, Scholastic Transportation, Lock Port, NY