Motivating and Managing Today’s Students: How to be An Effective, Successful Teacher Grades K – 12  Only Sold Electronically
$ 12.50 – Order Today!

This book is a complete resource guide for motivating and managing today’s students. It is filled with highly-effective instructional strategies and prevention strategies for reducing discipline problems. Included in the book are doable strategies for respectfully intervening and redirecting students’ misbehavior, and a common-sense approach for staying out of power struggles. Also found in this book are hundreds of tips from teachers and strategies for conferencing with students and parents. This book should be required reading for all educators.

“This is a book that I have on my desk and I refer to it weekly. It is by far the best book available for educators on how to motivate and manage today’s students. There must be over 1000 common sense, doable strategies that can be implemented immediately.”
Linda Hodgson, Teacher

Practical Strategies for Working Successfully with Difficult, Non-Compliant, and At-Risk Students Grades 6 – 12  Only Sold Electronically
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This extensive handbook provides you with dozens of effective strategies for managing today’s classroom – doable strategies to help you develop a positive environment based on trust, cooperation, and mutual respect where you can teach and students can learn. This is an excellent handbook for new teachers as well as experienced teachers.

“Thank you for your seminar and this book. I’ve learned more in one day from you and this book than I did my entire four years of college. I know this book will help me become a better teacher.”
Andrea Trosclair

Discipline – A Problem Solving Approach: Using Class Meetings to Teach Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Character Education, Anger Management, and Bullying Prevention       Only Sold Electronically
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This book can be used in the elementary and secondary classrooms. It provides the teacher with a step-by-step approach for teaching students problem solving, conflict resolution, character education, anger management and bullying prevention. The books are filled with hundreds of activities teachers can use to teach students essential life skills. Using the Class Meeting concept in your classroom will take you, the teacher out of the roles of police, judge, jury and executioner. It will help you, the teacher, gain back teaching time while teaching students skills that will help them be successful in life.

“This book helped me to approach my students and discipline in a positive, practical way. It provided me with all the strategies I needed to implement Class Meetings. Of all the books I have on managing students, this is by far the best.”
Tina Jensen, Teacher

Developing a PBIS Program Using the RTI Model – Practical Behavior and Instructional Strategies that Make the PBIS Model Work  Only Sold Electronically
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This book provides a step-by-step process for developing a Positive Behavior Intervention Support program using the Response to Intervention Model. The book includes hundreds of practical strategies that can be used in the school and classroom for working successfully with difficult, non-compliant, and at-risk students at all three tiers.

“Thank you for this simplistic book, for making this topic easy to understand. Everything is here that is needed to develop a successful PBIS program.”
Max Johnson

How to Be an Effective, Successful Teacher  Only Sold Electronically
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This is an excellent book for new teachers as well as experienced teachers. It provides hundreds of strategies for organizing and managing the classroom. The book covers strategies from what to do prior to the school year, at the beginning of the school year, and throughout the year. Included are instructional and management strategies for preventing behavior problems, respectful intervention strategies to redirect inappropriate behavior without escalating the problem, Strategies for working successfully with special need students and resolution strategies for bringing about change in student behavior.

“Spencer Henry’s materials are something we have used for the last eight years in preparing our new teachers, and teachers who are experiencing classroom management problems. I believe this is a book that all new teachers should read.”
Joe Vandenberg
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Washington Twp. School District
Sewell, New Jersey


Discipline – A Positive, Practical Approach to Classroom Management Only Sold Electronically
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This booklet is a condensed version of Spencer Henry’s book, Practical Strategies for Working Successfully with Difficult and At-Risk Students. The booklet is filled with practical prevention strategies, intervention strategies and resolution strategies. It can help you develop your management plan.

“No fluff. Just one strategy after another. A great resource booklet for everyone who works with children.”
Amy Haechei, Teacher

Managing Your Bus with a Positive, Practical Approach  Only Sold Electronically
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Bus drivers and bus monitors can benefit greatly from this booklet. It will help
them to positively interact and manage students. The strategies in the booklet,
can help them stay out of power struggles and prevent referring students to the

“We have used Spencer Henry’s materials for the past few years. The content
is something that the drivers can relate to and is realistic.”
Lee Olles, Supervisor of Transportation, Albion School District, Albion, New York

Developing a Unified, School-Wide Discipline Plan  Only Sold Electronically
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For years, we educators have tried to gain consistency in our discipline plans by having the same punishment for the same rules. It has not worked and will not work. We have tried to develop a lock – step approach to discipline. This does not work. As principals, if we have heard it once, we have heard it a hundred times. Teachers say, “I get no support.” What Spencer Henry, a principal for twenty-three years, has done, is develop a process for administrators to use with a discipline committee to help them build a unified, school-wide discipline plan. This plan helps to bring about consistency without losing individuality and flexibility, and determine what will be supported and what will not be supported. This booklet was designed for principals, assistant principals and discipline committees to help them create their own unique school-wide discipline plan.

“Everything is provided. It is not a lock-step, canned approach, but a process that empowered us to develop our own unique discipline plan. Our teachers love it. I love it. I finally got consistency. We are all on the same page, and no longer do I hear, ‘I get no support.’”
Eric Bierman, Principal

Helping to Teach Children to Be Responsible – A Booklet for Parents Only Sold Electronically
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Most of us who have children were never trained how to raise children. We parent the way we were parented. That’s all well and good, but we are in different times. Our children are different; therefore, we can all use some additional ideas in helping raise our children and helping them become responsible. This booklet provides parents or guardians with ideas on how to set limits in a respectful way. It provides strategies for helping solve most family problems and teach our children to be accountable and responsible. The booklet explains techniques our children use on us to help them get their own way, and provides us with strategies that help us stop nagging, lecturing or arguing with our children.

“A booklet for all parents…those who do not have difficult children and those who do. The strategies provided by Spencer Henry helped me to interact with my children in a more positive way. This booklet is not filled with a lot of jargon, just strategies.”
Michele Farthing, Parent / Teacher

Desktop Discipline Cards

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These color coded desktop cards are designed as a quick reference to help you understand students’ misbehavior and develop effective strategies.  These cards have been used effectively in a variety of classrooms at all grade levels.  They have also been helpful to guidance counselors and administrators.

“The desktop discipline cards are something I used frequently to help me identify the four goals of misbehavior. They also provided me with effective strategies to deal with the misbehavior.” “By using the desktop discipline cards, it forced me to learn to act, not react to misbehavior.”
C. Snyder, Teacher

“After 15 years of teaching special education, I found the Desktop Discipline Cards from Spencer Henry to be an invaluable resource. I tucked them in my top desk drawer and would pull them out when I was trying to understand the motivation behind repeated behavior by certain students. Once I was able to grab a quick glance at the cards and confirm my understanding of the motivation, then I had confidence in my response. After 22 years in special education I moved into a school counseling position. I have found I would refer to these cards when discussing student behavior strategies with teachers. These cards are such a quick and valuable resource for any educator.”
Lynn Sommer, Special Education Teacher and Guidance Counselor

Study Guides

The following study guides / leader’s guides have been developed for each one of Spencer Henry’s publications. The guides can be used for self-study, or a book study in a group. The study guide is a workbook and the leader’s guide includes the answers.

Study Guide for “Motivating and Managing Today’s Students” Only Sold Electronically 
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Leader’s Guide for “Motivating and Managing Today’s Students” Only Sold Electronically
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Study Guide for “Practical Strategies for Working Successfully with Difficult, Non-
Compliant and At-Risk Students” Only Sold Electronically
$6.00 – Order Today!

Leader’s Guide for “Practical Strategies for Working Successfully with Difficult,
Non-Compliant and At-Risk Students” Only Sold Electronically
$9.50 – Order Today!

Study Guide for “Discipline – A Positive, Practical Approach to Classroom
Management”  Only Sold Electronically
$6.00 – Order Today!

Leader’s Guide for “Discipline – A Positive, Practical Approach to Classroom
Management”  Only Sold Electronically
$9.50 – Order Today!

Study / Leader’s Guide for “How to be an Effective, Successful Teacher” Only Sold Electronically
$10.00 – Order Today!

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