Practical Ideas for Educators is an organization founded by Spencer Henry, an experienced educator, for the soul purpose of providing teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents with practical ideas for motivating and managing today’s children.

“Spencer Henry’s program was the best workshop I’ve attended in thirty years of teaching. I feel empowered just by listening to him.”
Linda Barabash, Teacher
Sherwood Park, AB Canada
“Spencer Henry’s materials are second to none. They are filled with practical ideas for teachers of all levels. I only wish I’d had this book before I started teaching.”
Wendy Styles, Teacher
Newark, DE
“Mr. Henry’s seminar on motivating and managing today’s students introduced me to many new ideas that I can implement immediately in my classroom.”
Jennifer Gross, Teacher
DeSoto, TX
“Awesome resource guide! It is not on my bookshelf; it is on my desk. It is something that I refer to often.”
James Fabair, Teacher
Phoenix, AZ

Better Education Through Better Ideas

Dear Colleagues,
Spencer Henry
In today’s education, we are facing bigger and more complex problems than ever before. To attack this problem, we must make a paradigm shift in the way we motivate and manage students. Today, most of our students do not come to us with the skills of being accountable, respectful, responsible or resourceful. We must teach them.

Discipline, managing today’s classroom, is no different than any other discipline; i.e. language arts, social studies, physical education…
It needs to be taught.

If we are going to be successful and meet the state standards and help every child succeed, we will have to create an environment where we can teach and students can learn. We will have to create an environment built on trust, mutual respect and cooperation.

My materials will show you how to approach discipline as a discipline, how to create a positive environment that will permit you to teach your content while teaching the students the essential life skills they need to be successful.

Sincerely yours,
Spencer Henry